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Sewer Lining Colorado Springs, CO

When you need sewer repair, you may be worried that digging trenches and replacing pipes is the only way to fix your plumbing issues. The good news is that often the drain and sewer service experts at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are able to use trenchless sewer repair or sewer lining in Colorado Springs, CO, which means no excavation or replacement. We are one of the only contractors in Southern Colorado that offers this service.


Read on to learn more about sewer lining and trenchless sewer repair in Colorado Springs, CO or contact us today; it may be the answer to all of your sewer problems!

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What is Sewer Lining?

Sewer lining in Colorado Springs is a form of trenchless sewer repair. It allows us to repair cracks or breaks in your sewer line without having to dig a trench through your yard because we can access your sewer line through a hatch in your basement or in your yard.


How Does Sewer Lining in Colorado Springs Work?

Using NuFlow technology, we’re able to line the inside of an old, broken, blocked or corroded pipe, essentially creating a new pipe inside the old one. The flexible liner and liquid epoxy cures in place inside the old pipe, creating a rigid “pipe-within-a-pipe.” Not only does this repair the pipe, but it also solves backup problems and prevents further corrosion and root intrusion.


Our Colorado Springs Sewer Lining Process

1) Blocked, root-intruded and corroded pipes are cleaned with tools and processes appropriate to the situation

blocked sewer line in colorado springs being cleaned


2) A flexible, epoxy-saturated line is pushed or pulled into place through existing access points. An internal bladder is inflated, pressing the liner against the pipe wall.

colorado springs sewer lining process


3) The resin cures and the bladder is deflated and removed, leaving behind a clean, seamless “Pipe-within-a-Pipe”.

colorado springs sewer lining end result


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Sewer Lining Benefits

Trenchless sewer repair in Colorado Springs, CO saves time and money and minimizes damage to the property as there is no need to tear out walls or cut up slabs. Most jobs require only one or two days to complete!


This process can be performed on almost any type of pipe – sewer laterals and mains, vertical drain stacks, sanitary drains, and waste and vent systems, and they don’t compromise the size or integrity of your sewer.


NuFlow lining technologies are also long-lasting, projected to last more than 50 years, and so have long-term warranties.

These liners last as long as your sewer – or sometimes longer! and most of them have long-term warranties.


Sewer lining makes it easier than ever to fix your sewer and get it working the way you need it to as soon as possible.

When Do You Need Sewer Lining?

Are you unsure whether sewer lining in Colorado Springs, CO is right for you? Our team will take a look at your sewer and make sure that it will work in your situation. In general, we recommend sewer lining when:

● Your sewer is mostly in great shape, with one or two problem areas

● The cracks or breaks in your sewer line are relatively small

● The diameter of your sewer is not compromised in any other way

● You are experiencing negative effects from sewer leaks, like damp or overgrown places in your yard, or sewer smells and sewer backups in your home

Trust Big Cat with Your Trenchless Sewer Repair in Colorado Springs

If sewer lining in Colorado Springs, CO interests you, contact us at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today. As a NuFlow certified contractor we’ll make sure that this service is right for you, then get the work completed fast. Stop worrying about your sewer when our plumbers are fixing it for you and reach out to us for trenchless sewer repair in Colorado Springs, CO today!

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