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Are you struggling with hard water in Colorado Springs, CO? Would you love to have softer water but you’re worried about how much it will cost or how stressful the installation might be? Contact us at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today and ask us about water softeners in Colorado Springs, CO. We offer a wide variety of water treatment systems so we can find one that will work in your home no matter what.

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Stop living with hard water, since it’s bad for your clothes, your dishes, your skin, and even your faucets. We’ll help you find solutions so you’ll avoid these negative effects for many years!


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What is Water Softening?

Water softening in Colorado Springs, CO involves removing unwanted minerals from your water. These minerals can cause all sorts of issues, from making your white towels and sheets look off-white or gray to leaving deposits on your glasses after you wash them. They can even change the way your skin feels and make you have to replace your faucets frequently

Water with a large number of these minerals in it is called hard water. Water softening removes these, making the water “softer” for you.

We offer so many water softening systems. Most commonly, we install systems that treat all of the water that comes into your home. However, we can also help you install systems specific to a certain sink, appliance, or faucet.

The Benefits of a Water Softener

There are so many benefits to having softer water. When you take these minerals out of your water, your dishes will look and feel cleaner, your clothes will last longer because they won’t get discolored when you wash them, your towels will feel softer, and more. Your skin may even feel different and be easier to hydrate!

Our team will always assess your water first and make sure that a water softener in Colorado Springs, CO is the right solution for you. Once we know it is, we’ll help you select the best water softening system for your home, your budget, and your needs!

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Contact us at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today and ask us about water softeners in Colorado Springs, CO. One of our plumbers will be on their way to help you out soon. We won’t rest until you have the soft water you need and want. Make your appointment today!

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Water Treatment Install or Repacement

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