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Sewer Camera Inspections Pueblo, CO

Do you want to take a look inside your pipes or your sewer? Do you need to find lost items or evaluate the condition of a sewer line? Call us at Big Cat Plumbing now to schedule your sewer line scope inspection in Pueblo, CO. These inspections allow us to see the inside of your sewer line, which you might want to do for a variety of reasons. Call our drain and sewer experts now and we will get your sewer scope in Pueblo, CO done soon!

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Reasons to Call for a Drain Camera Inspection

People rely on video sewer line inspections for a number of reasons. These include:

  • You need to have a sewer repair done. The drain camera inspection can tell us how extensive the problem is, where exactly it is located, and if there are other problems we should know about. It helps us complete your repair quickly and efficiently.
  • You are buying new property. A sewer scope in Pueblo, CO will tell you if there’s anything wrong with the sewer lines. This can help you decide if you really want that property or if you need to have the current owners take care of some sewer issues before you buy.
  • You’ve lost something special down a drain. While we can’t guarantee that we will find your lost item, we can look through your whole sewer to see if we can help. Sometimes, we find rings and other precious things that have gotten washed down the drain.


Call us now and we’ll be there soon. Then we’ll get you the images of the inside of your sewer line that you need.

How a Sewer Line Inspection Works

When you call us for a sewer line scope inspection in Pueblo, CO, we will be on our way to you soon. We’ll bring our camera on a flexible cable. Once in your home, we’ll determine the best way to access your sewer line and set up there.


Your plumber will thread the camera on the cable through your sewer line, watching on a screen to make sure we get all the images you need. We’ll record these on video, too, so you’ll be able to show anyone who needs to see what is going on in your sewer.

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Get Your Pueblo Sewer Inspection Today

Call us at Big Cat Plumbing today to schedule your drain camera inspection soon. We’ll make sure you get the images you need ASAP.

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Free Camera Inspection

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