Why Doesn’t My AC Work?
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Why Doesn’t My AC Work?

Colorado Springs AC repair

Air conditioning in Colorado Springs doesn’t always turn on when you need it the most, as we all know. It’s natural to feel frustrated and even overwhelmed when this occurs to you (because it almost certainly will) and you’re asking, “Why is my AC not working?”

Check the following items before you panic, or have an air conditioning professional from Big Cat perform AC repair in Colorado Springs. It can be simpler than you imagine to turn your air conditioner back on!

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Dead Batteries

Your AC won’t operate if the batteries in your thermostat run out. If the screen there suddenly goes blank, your thermostat likely needs some additional power. To determine if this is the cause of your issue, it is typically simple to replace these batteries.

It Got Turned Off

Most air conditioners have two disconnect switches: one in the attic, garage, basement, or wherever the indoor component of your AC is located, and one by the outdoor unit. These can easily get bumped into the “off” position, which means your AC won’t work again until you flip them on. 

Breakers & Fuses

You will need to reset the breaker or replace the fuse in your electrical panel if your air conditioner accidentally flips one. Call our AC services staff to learn why if it persists in acting in this way.

A fuse is also located inside the air conditioner. If something breaks, you’ll need a professional in AC repairs to assist you in fixing it. 

A Blown Transformer

This is best inspected and corrected by an expert in air conditioning services because it also resides inside your air conditioner. We are skilled in completing tasks fast and safely. If this is the issue, a simple fix is available!

Dirty Coils

The issue may be with your coils if your air conditioner is blowing warm air. These are found both inside and outside. Check both units, and if any debris has accumulated around them, remove it gently. 

A Failed Capacitor

Similar to enormous batteries, capacitors store electricity to enable your air conditioner to start on and stay on. They need to be replaced by an expert in air conditioning when they are too old since they can no longer maintain power levels high enough for the unit to operate. 

A Clogged Filter

Changing your filter can sometimes solve an air conditioner problem. The filter may be quite dusty if you haven’t changed it in a while or if your air conditioner has had to work harder than usual due to dust or ash in the air. Change it to improve ventilation and regain your cool. 

Call for Colorado Springs AC Repair

At Big Cat, we provide a full range of AC services, including maintenance and air conditioning repair. We can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it so you can start feeling cool once more. For air conditioning maintenance in Colorado Springs, you may also give Big Cat a call and let us do the task for you.

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