10 Most Common Water Heater Problems & How to Solve Them
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10 Most Common Hot Water Heater Problems & How to Solve Them

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Colorado Springs homeowners need to be prepared for anything, from hot, sunny summer days to blustery winters. But you’re probably not thinking much about what your hot water heater needs until something is wrong and the water runs cold.

The Colorado Springs water heater repair experts at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating & Cooling put together our best tips and insights for the most common water heater problems and how to solve them.

Read on to learn more or simply give us a call if you have any questions or need to schedule service!

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1) There’s No Hot Water

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a cold shower that won’t warm up. Try flushing out your hot water heater to get rid of sediment or buildup. However, a Colorado Springs plumber needs to take a look to see if there’s a bigger problem, ensure it drains and refills properly, and check on issues like the anode rod. 

2) Pressure Relief Valve is Damaged

The pressure relief valve on your hot water heater is a necessary safety feature of your unit. It needs to be properly situated and sealed but it can sometimes leak. The water that comes out is hot and it’s best to call one of our plumbers to help. In extreme cases, your hot water heater could explode from a valve that isn’t working at all. 

3) There’s Not Enough Hot Water

Maybe you have some hot water but it runs out quickly. You may have a hot water heater that isn’t big enough to meet your needs. Call the team at Big Cat to assess whether or not you need a hot water heater upgrade. Another option is to check the temperature gauge and make sure it wasn’t accidentally readjusted. 

4) The Water Takes Too Long to Warm  Up

Is your water heater slow to reheat your water? Flushing out the unit could help. Otherwise, you need a water heater expert in Colorado Springs to figure out what’s going on with your unit.

5) There’s Condensation on Your Hot Water Heater

Sometimes hot water heaters leak, but other times they’re actually giving off water condensation. The condensation isn’t localized and can be seen across the tank. It’s not necessarily an issue, but it can damage your flooring. A drain plug can help or setting the temperature to 120°F can reduce the amount of condensation.

6) Your Water Gets Too Hot or Too Cold

Is your warm water scalding you or turning cold? There may be an issue with your temperature gauge. If you can’t resolve it with a simple temperature tweak, you need a Big Cat plumber to look at your temperature-pressure valve.

7) There’s Noise Coming From Your Water Heater

Loud water heaters often just need a good flush to get rid of sediment. Ongoing noise needs the attention of a Colorado Springs water heater professional for hot water repair or maintenance. 

8) Your Hot Water Heater Leaks

Do you see pooling water on one area of your tank or the floor? Your pipe connections may need an adjustment. But if the issue is ongoing, you need a professional right away before your leak turns into a flood. 

9) There’s Rust In Your Hot Water

Rust on your hot water heater or in your water means you have corrosion in  your unit. You can try to change out the anode rod and flush the tank yourself. Otherwise, you need a water heater professional in Colorado Springs to check everything over and fix the problem at its source. 

10) Your Hot Water Smells

Never put up with smelly, foul odors in your water. It could be a red flag that you have bacteria in your tank and are putting your health at risk. You can try filling your unit with water and hydrogen peroxide, then letting it drain. If your unit continues to smell, call Big Cat right away. We’ll send someone out to check out what’s going on and advise whether or not you need a professional antibacterial treatment.

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Whether you tried troubleshooting or you’re unsure how to handle these issues yourself, we’re here to help. Our team handles all types of hot water heater repair in Colorado Springs, including replacement, upgrades, installations, and more. If you need a plumber, Colorado Springs residents should call us today to schedule your appointment and restore your hot water and peace of mind.

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