Emergency Heating Repair Guide
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Emergency Heating Repair Guide

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When winter’s chill sets in, your home’s heating system is crucial and should work every time you adjust the thermostat. But there are times when a lack of heat on the coldest nights of the year will pose an emergency.

We can help! Just call the Big Cat Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling team or try some of these troubleshooting tips from our Colorado Springs heating pros.

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1) Troubleshoot for Lack of Heat

A lack of heat is a nightmare, especially in the middle of the night or over a holiday. Troubleshoot your thermostat by checking the settings. Make sure no one changed them or you accidentally have an automated cycle set for a.m. instead of p.m., or vice versa. Next, check to see if everything is still connected and your circuit breaker is on. If that doesn’t work, swap out your thermostat batteries for a fresh set, reboot your system, and try again.

2) Fix the Pilot Light

If you’re not getting heat or it suddenly goes out, it may be an issue with your pilot light. Try rekindling the flame and seeing if it burns blue. If the flame is any other color, you could have a serious problem and need professional attention. It’s also possible a malfunctioning thermocouple might be preventing the pilot light from staying lit. If it won’t light, even after following the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s time to call a professional. Call the team at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling for help. We’ll get to you as soon as possible and also offer evening, weekend, and other emergency heating repair in Colorado Springs services.

3) Look for a Gas Supply Interruption

If you’re not getting heat or you smell a strange odor, your gas supply may be experiencing an interruption. If you smell gas, evacuate your home and call your gas company first. You can then call our team to help you get on top of the issue and keep your home warm and safe for peace of mind you can trust.

4) Listen for Strange Noises

If you hear odd banging and booming noises, chances are your furnace has an ignition delay. This furnace problem isn’t something you can DIY on your own. It’s also possible that squealing and grinding noises are moving parts in distress or that require lubrication. Strange, alarming furnace noises aren’t usually safe to troubleshoot and require a professional. Call the HVAC team at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling today for help.

5) Fix Cold Air Blowing Into Your Home

When cold air is blowing into your home on a wintery day, you need to act fast. Don’t let your home get overwhelmed by cold air or you could have trouble warming it back up again, especially if your furnace is faulty. Try changing out your air filter. A dirty, dusty filter can quickly clog your system and lead to insufficient heating patterns. It’s also possible your thermostat needs to be rebooted or calibrated per your manufacturer’s instructions. Seek professional help if issues persist.

6) Water is Leaking Water from Your Furnace

Water leaking from your furnace is never a good sign. You may have a problem with the condensate line, which causes water to leak. You may be able to clear the blockage if it’s readily visible and accessible. The problem could also be an internal system issue with the heat exchanger or other internal components. Either way, you need the help of an HVAC professional. Call the team at Big Cat Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling! We’ll get there as soon as possible to help with any furnace repairs in Colorado Springs or we can recommend a new heating installation in Colorado Springs.

Schedule Your Emergency Repair In Colorado Springs!

If you’re having trouble with your furnace or boiler, we can help restore the warmth of your home. Some issues are easy DIY fixes, like a clogged air filter. Other problems are more serious and could put you and your family at risk. Call Big Cat Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today. Our team is licensed, insured, experienced, and works with hundreds of loyal customers in the Colorado Springs area. We’re here to help!

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