How to Prepare Your Water Heater for Winter
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How to Prepare Your Water Heater for Winter

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Here at Big Cat, we know you like hot water because everyone likes hot water!

Did you know, though, that there are some things you can do to keep your hot water heater in Colorado Springs, CO working well for you this winter?

Since you REALLY don’t want to run out of hot water when it’s cold outside, read our Colorado Springs plumber curated tips and implement them today!

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1) Test the Thermostat

Start by checking the thermostat on your water heater. Make sure it’s working well – that the water gets warmer when you turn it up and cooler when you turn it down. Then set it no higher than 120 degrees. This is a temperature your water heater can maintain without needing to work extra hard, and it shouldn’t scald anyone, either!

2) Drain Sediment Out

Turn off the water and power to your water heater, then put a bucket under the drain valve, open the valve, and let the water and sediment drain out. If it doesn’t seem like the sediment is gone after one drain out, fill the heater up and do it again.

3) Insulate the Heater and Surrounding Pipes

You can get a big, insulated blanket at your local hardware store and wrap it all the way around your water heater. This helps the heater by keeping heat in, instead of letting it seep out. It saves you money on energy costs, too, since the heater won’t have to use as much gas or electricity to stay warm. Similarly, you can wrap any bare pipes around your water heater in pipe insulation so they stay warm, too.

4) Visually Inspect it Regularly

Take the time to look over your water heater every month or so. This allows you to make sure the thermostat is set correctly. It is also a great time to look for any signs of leaking. If the water heater suffers a major leak, you could experience significant damage to your home. Look for wet spots or drips, but also for dried water marks that weren’t there before.

5) Call for Help

If you aren’t comfortable maintaining your water heater in Colorado Springs on your own or if you think it might be having problems, don’t hesitate to call us at Big Cat for help. We will get to you fast and do our best to mitigate any damage and fix your water heater ASAP. Our goal is to get your hot water back on fast!

If you’re looking for other winter plumbing tips, read our blog post about common winter plumbing problems and how to prevent them.

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